Apple aims to address the high radiation issue of iPhone 12

With news of the iPhone 12 models getting banned in France due to "high radiation", Apple has taken note.

Apple aims to address the high radiation issue of iPhone 12

In response to concerns raised by France's radiation watchdog regarding the iPhone 12's emissions, Apple has announced an impending software update for users in France. The French National Frequency Agency (ANFR) claimed that tests demonstrated the iPhone 12's emission of electromagnetic waves exceeded European standards. This led the agency to instruct Apple to either address this issue within two weeks or face a potential recall of the model in France.

While Apple contested the findings of ANFR, emphasizing the global certification and safety of the iPhone 12, the tech giant has nonetheless committed to releasing a software update to alleviate the regulator's apprehensions. This forthcoming update, scheduled to be launched in the subsequent weeks, will likely modify the manner in which the iPhone 12 manages radio waves. However, the specific details of the alterations remain undisclosed.

Apple aims to address the high radiation issue of iPhone 12

ANFR will scrutinize the new software update to determine its impact on the device's electromagnetic wave emissions. If the update aligns the iPhone 12 with European standards, the agency will rescind its previous directive concerning the model's sale prohibition.

The radiation quandary of the iPhone 12 isn't solely confined to France, as it has elicited concerns in several European nations. Belgium, Germany, and Italy have all announced their intent to examine the situation further, suggesting that other countries might also press Apple for a similar software update.

Even though Apple has initiated the discontinuation of the iPhone 12, recently announcing its new iPhone 15 lineup, the impending software patch will be accessible to all iPhone 12 users in France, irrespective of their purchase date.