Galaxy S24 Plus unexpectedly appears at Walmart

The Galaxy S24 Plus, accidentally listed on Walmart, captures attention with its detailed features, solidifying its top position.

Galaxy S24 Plus unexpectedly appears at Walmart

Just weeks before Samsung's first 'Galaxy Unpacked' event of 2024, an unexpected leak occurred. The Galaxy S24 Plus was mistakenly listed on Walmart's online platform, revealing extensive details about this flagship model. Despite the leak, the full potential of the Galaxy S24 Plus is becoming clear, as it's packed with an array of features that promise to excite tech enthusiasts.

The press images of the Galaxy S24 Plus displayed an Onyx Black finish. Although the design did not impress us, seeming to mirror the Galaxy S23 Plus chassis, the real intrigue lies in the upgraded specifications and extensive feature list. This accidental reveal, although quickly removed from Walmart's website, provided valuable insights into what Samsung might highlight in their marketing materials.

Galaxy S24 Plus unexpectedly appears at Walmart

Samsung appears to have concentrated on enhancing the internal capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Plus. For the first time, a 'Plus' variant will boast 12GB RAM. Additionally, the phone includes a variety of advanced features like 'Live Translate', 'Generative Edit', and 'Nightography Zoom', among others. These additions are set to significantly boost the phone's appeal, especially for those seeking cutting-edge technology in their smartphones.

The display of the Galaxy S24 Plus is reportedly larger than its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Plus. This increase not only offers more screen space but also allows for the inclusion of a larger battery, enhancing the device's overall utility. Despite these improvements, there's no indication that Samsung will introduce on-device Large Language Models (LLM) capabilities or two-way satellite communication in this flagship series. The absence of these features might be a letdown for some expecting groundbreaking technology.

Samsung is believed to have ramped up the initial shipments of the Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra, anticipating strong sales. The combination of enhanced features and specification upgrades could justify this expectation. Additionally, Samsung's strategy of offering limited-time pre-order freebies might further entice customers, making these models particularly attractive upon release.

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