iPhone 17 Pro Max rumored to feature a 48MP telephoto lens

The advanced camera features of the new iPhone model could turn a new page in smartphone photography.

iPhone 17 Pro Max rumored to feature a 48MP telephoto lens

Although it's quite early to discuss the iPhone 17 series, the tech world never rests, and rumors about the upcoming models are already making rounds. A recent report has sparked interest, suggesting that the iPhone 17 Pro might feature a 48MP telephoto camera, elevating its photographic capabilities.

This information comes from Jeff Pu, an analyst well-versed in Apple's supply chain. He shared this insight in a research note about Largan Precision, a key supplier for Apple, hinting at potential enhancements linked to Apple’s Vision Pro headset, which could optimize VR experiences. However, Pu didn't disclose any further details about the lens or its specific functionalities.

For context, the current iPhone 15 Pro models are equipped with a 48MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 12MP telephoto lens. Since the introduction of the iOS 17.2 update, these devices have been capable of recording spatial video with 3D depth, which is particularly beneficial when used with the Vision Pro headset. The primary and ultra-wide lenses, when used together, capture even more depth in spatial videos.

iPhone 17 Pro Max rumored to feature a 48MP telephoto lens

Building on previous rumors about a 48MP ultra-wide lens in the iPhone 16 Pro models, the latest speculation suggests that the iPhone 17 Pro Max might feature a rear camera system entirely composed of 48MP lenses. This would be a significant upgrade, as higher megapixel counts generally allow for capturing more detailed photos, ideal for various post-processing activities like cropping, zooming, or large-format printing.

While these rumors are intriguing, it's important to remember that the iPhone 17 Pro's launch is still quite far off, with a projected release around September 2025. Therefore, Apple's plans could evolve as the development process continues.

In related news, early renders of the iPhone 16 have emerged, showing potential design changes. These renders, based on pre-production models, suggest that the iPhone 16 may retain the vertically stacked camera layout, reminiscent of the iPhone 12's design.