OnePlus 12 spare parts prices announced

Spare part prices for the OnePlus 12 have been announced, with screen repairs starting at 1650 Yuan and motherboards at 2050 Yuan.

OnePlus 12 spare parts prices announced

The OnePlus 12, a recently launched smartphone priced at approximately 4299 yuan (around $600), has made headlines not only for its impressive specifications but also for the transparency in its repair costs. The official OPPO website has listed the prices for various spare parts, providing consumers with a clear idea of the maintenance expenses they might incur.

At the forefront of these costs is the screen, priced at 1650 yuan (about $232), followed by a range of motherboard options with varying prices. The 24GB RAM + 1TB storage motherboard is the most expensive at 3250 yuan ($457), while the 16GB RAM + 1TB and 16GB RAM + 512GB versions are priced at 2850 yuan ($400) and 2450 yuan ($344), respectively. The more affordable option, the 12GB RAM + 256GB motherboard, comes at 2050 yuan ($288). Other components like the battery cover assembly, front and rear cameras, and the battery itself are also listed with their respective prices.

OnePlus 12 spare parts prices announced

It's worth noting that these US dollar conversions are based on current exchange rates and may vary over time. Additionally, OnePlus has implemented a policy where out-of-warranty repairs include the cost of spare parts plus a labor charge of 50 yuan. However, there's a silver lining for OPPO members, who can avail of free labor charges on designated member days each month.

The OnePlus 12 itself is a marvel of modern smartphone technology. It boasts the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and features the world’s first “Oriental Screen” with a peak brightness of 4500 nits. Its camera system includes the flagship Sony LYT-808 sensor, and it's powered by a substantial 5400mAh battery. The device also supports rapid charging technologies, with 100W Super Flash Charging and 50W Wireless Flash Charging capabilities.

The smartphone is available in various configurations, each at a different price point: The 12GB + 256GB variant is priced at 4299 yuan ($605), the 16GB + 512GB at 4799 yuan ($675), the 16GB + 1TB at 5299 yuan ($745), and the high-end 24GB + 1TB variant at 5799 yuan ($815).

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