Record sales success for the Redmi K70 series

The Redmi K70 series achieves great success, selling 1 million units in its first 14 days on the market.

Record sales success for the Redmi K70 series

Redmi has recently made headlines with a significant milestone achieved by its K70 series. This new series, unveiled on November 29 in China, has quickly captured the market's attention, leading to an impressive sales record. Just two weeks after its launch on December 1, Redmi has announced that the K70 series has surpassed the sale of 1 million units, a remarkable feat for the brand.

The success story of the K70 series began right from its release, with sales exceeding 600,000 units within the first five minutes. This initial surge in demand was more than double the sales volume of its predecessor, the K60 series, setting a new standard for Redmi's K series in terms of rapid sales growth.

Record sales success for the Redmi K70 series

The K70 series comprises three models: the Redmi K70e, the Redmi K70, and the Redmi K70 Pro. These devices are powered by the Dimensity 8300-Ultra, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipsets, respectively. The series is notable for its array of features, including a 2K resolution OLED display, a substantial 5,500mAh battery, and the capability of up to 120W fast charging. Additionally, these are the first Redmi phones to come preloaded with the latest HyperOS-based Android 14, marking another milestone for the brand.

Among the models, the K70 Pro has a special edition known as the Redmi K70 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Squadra Corse. This limited-edition model is set to be available for purchase in China starting tomorrow, though its price is yet to be announced.

In the global market, the Redmi K70e is expected to be rebranded as the Poco X6 Pro 5G, while the K70 Pro is anticipated to emerge as the Poco F6 Pro 5G.

This sales achievement not only reinforces Redmi's position in the smartphone market but also highlights the growing consumer interest in innovative technology and high-performance devices.