Xiaomi sold 30М phones! Broke a record with active users

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has been stepping up their game in the last couple years.

Xiaomi sold 30М phones! Broke a record with active users
Xiaomi has broken record with active users

Xiaomi, being relatively a new brand compared to other tech giants has proved itself to be a successful brand with active user numbers. The company has sold 30M phones and got itself a solid place when it comes to smartphones. The company has announced their success for the last couple years now and it is promising. 

Xiaomi has announced their financial report

xiaomiThe numbers in Xiaomi's Q1 2023 financial report look promising for the Chinese manufacturer about to enter the electric vehicle market. The organization had 594.8 million month to month dynamic clients among January and Walk 2023, and it figured out how to arrive at the 600 million achievement when the declaration was distributed.

With 30.4 million shipped, the smartphone industry made CNY 35 billion, or just under $5 billion. With a market share of 11.3% in the first quarter of 2023, Xiaomi came in third, but between January and March, Apple and Samsung shipped nearly twice as many phones as Xiaomi did. The Chinese tech giant plans to grow more and more as they continue to offer more devices to compete the smartphone market.