Honda advanced its electric vehicle venture

Demand for electric cars continues to increase daily, and the Japanese automotive giant, Honda, took another step forward.

Honda advanced its electric vehicle venture

Honda is gearing up for the introduction of its new electric vehicle, the N-Van e, boasting a commendable range of 130 miles. Beyond its primary transportation functions, this vehicle offers a unique capability to serve as a backup power source for homes, positioning it as more than just a standard electric vehicle.

Emerging as an electric adaptation of the gasoline-powered N-Van, Honda unveiled plans last December to develop the N-Van e targeting light commercial applications. This initiative was seen as an attempt to amplify the versatility of the original N-Van, simultaneously infusing a sustainable ethos. Aesthetically, the electric version mirrors its gasoline counterpart but stands out with its bumper crafted from recycled materials. A strategic placement of the battery under the cargo area maximizes internal space, offering an extensive, flat base. To further cater to varying cargo needs, both passenger and rear seats have been designed to fold flat, enhancing space adaptability.

Honda advanced its electric vehicle venture

Prospective buyers will have a choice among three trim levels for the N-Van e: L4, FUN, and L2. Each trim level presents its unique features, including but not limited to the Honda SENSING Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and multi-reflector halogen headlights. One of the standout features of the N-Van e is its ability to function as a mobile power station, delivering up to 1,500W. This provision allows users to plug in a diverse range of appliances and tools directly into the vehicle. In emergencies, the N-Van e can also step in, supplying power to household appliances.

Another innovation in the N-Van e design is the absence of the center pillar on the passenger side, simplifying the loading and unloading process. The vehicle promises a cruising range of 130 miles or approximately 210km, making it feasible for full city deliveries on a single charge. An added ECON mode tweaks the energy usage, especially concerning the air conditioner, optimizing the vehicle's range.

Honda has slated the N-Van e's launch for next spring in Japan. Currently, the vehicle is undergoing rigorous testing both locally and internationally to ensure optimal performance standards. Interested individuals can get a glimpse of the N-Van e prototype during the Japan Mobility Show scheduled for October 28. Although the initial price announcement in December 2022 was around $7,000, there's speculation that the N-Van e might be available for a starting price as low as $10,000.