Honda's new vehicle could mark the beginning of an era

With its notable investments in the electric car market, Honda has introduced another groundbreaking concept model.

Honda's new vehicle could mark the beginning of an era

Honda is on the verge of introducing an innovative electric delivery van concept named MEV-Van. This novel vehicle is expected to offer a unique feature: removable batteries, allowing for increased versatility. The intention is to put this concept to the test in real-world delivery scenarios in Japan, with a showcase planned for the 2023 Japan Mobility Show.

The Honda MEV-Van represents an electrified adaptation of the N-Van. This design transformation incorporates detachable batteries, facilitating more flexible operations. To ensure the real-world viability of this concept, Honda has collaborated with Yamato Transport, Japan's leading door-to-door delivery service. Notably, a production model of the Honda N-Van was recently unveiled.

 Honda's new vehicle could mark the beginning of an era

Central to the MEV-Van's design is its electric powertrain. One of its most distinguishing features is the Honda Power Pack e-modules which can be removed for charging purposes. These battery packs are strategically positioned under the cabin floor, securely fastened by a series of hatches. Unlike many electric vehicles, the MEV-Van does not have a charging port on its front grille, which could present operational challenges. However, the introduction of a removable battery system negates the need for prolonged charging intervals and also aids in offsetting peak power consumption.

Though the exact range of the Honda MEV-Van remains undisclosed, it's speculated to be somewhat less than the 210km range that the standard Honda N-Van model offers. In an environmentally conscious move, Honda plans to harness solar energy to charge the vehicle. A practical demonstration of the MEV-Van concept is on the horizon, with tests focusing on its effectiveness in delivery and collection processes, thus gauging its aptitude for commercial applications.

Looking at the bigger picture, Honda remains committed to realizing a carbon-neutral landscape by 2050. The brand has conducted extensive trials with the N-Van, anticipating a grand unveiling in Japan in spring 2024. As for the MEV-Van, Honda is yet to chart out a concrete production timeline.