Exciting details about Apple's 'M3 Pro' chipset

Apple has been quite busy this year. More details about Apple's M3 Pro chipset are coming up. Here are all the details.

Exciting details about Apple's 'M3 Pro' chipset
Apple's 'M3 Pro' chipset rumors are coming up

This year has been quite busy for Apple. The company will offer their iPhone 15 series soon as well as M3 Chipset devices. More rumors are coming up regarding the devices. A new report from Bloomberg's Gurman has come now. According to Gurman's most recent Power On newsletter, a source sent him App Store developer logs demonstrating the chip's operation on an unannounced MacBook Pro running macOS 14. He suggests that the M3 variant that Apple is testing is the M3 Pro's base model, which the company intends to offer sometime in the coming year.

Apple's M3 Pro chipset is on the table


M3 Pro is said to have 50 percent more CPU cores than its predecessor of the first generation. On the new silicon, Apple, according to Gurman, has chosen to use cores with equal levels of efficiency and high performance. He claims that 36GB of RAM was discovered on the chip. To put things in perspective, the M2 Pro comes with 16GB of memory by default, but you can upgrade it to have up to 32GB of RAM. 

According to Gurman, "I believe the first Macs with M3 chips will start arriving toward the end of the year or early next year."