Dune 2 will make you forget about the first movie: The hype is real

The Dune star Rebecca Ferguson has shared her insight for the upcoming movie. Second movie will exceed the expectations.

Dune 2 will make you forget about the first movie: The hype is real
Dune 2 will make you forget everything

When Dune was released it was mentioned as the best movie of the year, being compared to Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Originally being an adaptation from famous book series Dune has exceeded all expectations. As the star of the show suggest the second movie will even be better than the first one. Ferguson plays Lady Jessica, the protagonist Paul Atreides' mother and a Bene Gesserit who taught Paul how to use his powers even though he was a man. 

Dune 2 will exceed expectations

At an interview the star has shared her ideas saying "I am going to say that [Dune] Part Two is better than Part One.... And that's me without me seeing it. That is me saying it based on what I've read, what I've seen, and what I've filmed. I think it's going to be better."

The universe of Dune will be expanded in Part Two through the exploration of various worlds, including the Harkonnen planet Giedi Prime. Additionally, it is anticipated that the film will depict Paul and Jessica becoming more accustomed to Fremen culture and customs. While we can say we do not have all details regarding the second movie, more details will emerge soon.