Google Chrome receives security and performance updates

Google Chrome has been updated with new security and performance features to enhance the user experience, making web browsing safer and smoother.

Google Chrome receives security and performance updates

Google Chrome continues to evolve, introducing new features to enhance productivity and user safety in line with current digital trends. The recent announcement of the end of tracking cookies is a significant step toward safeguarding personal data. Additionally, the introduction of an AI-powered Create Theme feature has increased customizability, illustrating Google's commitment to creating a safer, more efficient browsing experience.

One of the noteworthy upgrades is Chrome's Proactive Safety Check. This feature now operates seamlessly in the background, issuing alerts to users about potential security risks. These include notifications for compromised passwords, outdated browser versions, or necessary site permissions. Accessible through the browser's three-dot menu, these alerts enable users to quickly respond to threats and maintain their online safety.

Further enhancing user experience, Chrome now automatically revokes site permissions, such as access to location or microphone, for sites not visited recently. Additionally, the process to turn off notifications from various sites has been simplified, making it more user-friendly.

Google Chrome receives security and performance updates

Alongside safety features, Chrome's smarter performance controls stand out. Building on the previous year’s introduction of performance controls like the Memory Saver mode, Chrome now offers more detailed insights. Users can hover over tabs to view information about memory usage and specify sites that should always remain active, ensuring a smoother browsing experience. To activate Memory Saver Mode, users can navigate to the performance section in settings and toggle it on for optimized performance.

In a surprising move, Chrome is set to introduce a feature that allows users to save work groups to free up memory, declutter, and organize their browsing experience. This feature, expected to roll out in the coming days, will be accessible through the “Save Group” option, enabling synchronization across devices.

These developments reflect Google's dedication to enhancing Chrome’s functionality while prioritizing user safety and performance, further solidifying its position as a leading web browser.