Elon Musk supports The Mario movie

The Mario movie has been on the agenda for a while now and while some like it some highly dislike.

Elon Musk supports The Mario movie
Elon Musk has shared his ideas about The Mario

The Mario is an old game having fans ranging from seven years old to seventy years old. The cult game will have a movie now, and while some fans like it some fans highly disagree. In that sense Elon Musk also shared his ideas.

Elon Musk lashes out to fans who do not like The Mario

The animated children's movie based on Nintendo's best-selling video game franchise hit theaters in the US this week. The Movie had so much criticsm and Elon Musk could not keep silent.

The Super Mario Brothers Movie was marked as "Rotten" (rotten) on the review website Rotten Tomatoes, with only a 54 percent positive rating from critics. Yet Elon Musk showed his support to the movie. At this point Elon Musk is basically an internet person. Whatever he says becomes hit, so his opinions matter a lot.