Henry Cavill will not return to 'The Witcher' despite losing Superman role

After leaving his role as The Witcher and Superman, Henry Cavill is preparing for his new role.

Henry Cavill will not return to 'The Witcher' despite losing Superman role
Henry Cavill will move on with Warhammer 40K TV show.

It has been announced that actor Henry Cavill will not be returning with a new Superman movie. After this announcement, Cavill, who said that he would not play in the fourth season of The Witcher in the past months, took action for his fans to continue his role as Geralt. In a statement from Netflix on the subject, it was underlined that Cavill will not be in the fourth season.

In a statement to TV Line, a Netflix representative stated that "The Witcher's fourth season plans were not affected by the news of the Superman decision," and stated that it was not possible for Cavill to return to the series.

Last month, the publisher announced that Cavill will appear before the audience for the last time as Geralt in the third season of The Witcher, and announced that the new Geralt will be Liam Hemsworth in the fourth season.

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On the other hand, it is said that the reason why Cavill left the production in question was not a new Superman production, but because the series did not progress in accordance with the source work.

Moreover, Henry Cavill will also take main role in the upcoming Warhammer 40K TV show. After months of negotiations with the owner of Games Workshop, Amazon has announced that it has acquired the rights to the game. On the other hand, Cavill has never hidden his obsession with Warhammer, as well as being a fan of all things computers and a builder of his own gear.