Xiaomi introduces affordable Mijia Label Printer

Xiaomi's Mijia Label Printer hits the shelves at an affordable price of approximately 20 USD, offering a practical and budget-friendly option.

Xiaomi introduces affordable Mijia Label Printer

Xiaomi has expanded its range of smart home products with the introduction of the Mijia Label Printer Kit, priced at an affordable 139 yuan (approximately $20). This innovative product, which recently completed its crowdfunding phase on the Xiaomi Youpin platform, is now available for purchase, marking yet another milestone in Xiaomi's journey in smart home technology.

The Mijia Label Printer Kit, utilizing thermal printing technology, stands out for its ink-free operation. This technology not only simplifies the printing process but also eliminates the risk of ink stains, making it a user-friendly choice for various applications. Designed for room-temperature storage, the printed labels from this device are less prone to discoloration, ensuring long-lasting readability.

In terms of design, the printer's compact size is a significant advantage, offering easy storage solutions. The kit comes equipped with three rolls of label paper – two white and one transparent. Each roll is made from materials that are waterproof and oil-resistant, enhancing the durability and usability of the labels in various environments. A notable feature of the Mijia Label Printer is its support for custom label lengths, allowing users to conveniently tailor the label size according to their needs.

Xiaomi introduces affordable Mijia Label Printer

The Mijia Label Printer's functionality extends beyond basic label printing. It offers users the ability to print the current date with just a single button press and create custom quick labels with a double-click. These features make the printer an excellent tool for organizing homes and offices, managing schedules, and more. The high-quality label paper used is waterproof, oil-resistant, and durable, adhering to GB/T 28210-2011 standards, as confirmed by testing reports from the China Quality Paper Inspection and Certification Co., Ltd.

Integration with the Xiaomi Home App adds another layer of convenience to the Mijia Label Printer. The app provides a variety of label styles and enables users to set message push reminders for printed labels and schedule reminder labels. Moreover, the printer supports offline printing, a feature that enhances its versatility and user-friendliness.

In addition to the Mijia Label Printer Kit, Xiaomi has also introduced several other Mijia products recently. These include the LCD Blackboard with a 39-inch display and split-screen support, priced at $33, and the Smart Gas Stove S2, which features auto shut-off and gas cut-off functions. Xiaomi's continuous innovation in the smart home sector reflects its commitment to providing consumers with a range of high-quality, affordable products that enhance daily living.