Huawei's 85-inch Smart Screen V5 released

Huawei has introduced the large-screen Smart Screen V5 with innovative air touch features to tech enthusiasts.

Huawei's 85-inch Smart Screen V5 released

Huawei has unveiled its latest innovation in the world of smart home entertainment: the Smart Screen V5 85-inch. This new addition to Huawei's lineup is more than just a television; it's a leap forward in smart home technology, integrating advanced features that set it apart in the market.

At the heart of the Smart Screen V5 is the Honghu 900 chip, boasting 4T NPU computing power. This powerful processor not only facilitates a seamless transition from 1080p to 4K resolution but also enhances the overall viewing experience. It intelligently analyzes each frame, adding intricate details to the picture. The chip enhances the main body of the picture by reducing noise, deburring, sharpening edges, and performing other optimization functions.

One of the standout features of the Smart Screen V5 is its suitability for sports and TV events. It incorporates a self-developed intelligent dynamic picture compensation algorithm that ensures fast, smooth motion and supports compensation up to 4K 120fps. Additionally, the screen employs Honghu Clear Light Control Pro technology, which adjusts the backlight based on scene analysis and subject recognition. This technology ensures that every detail in the picture is captured, resulting in a three-dimensional and transparent output. The SuperMiniLED intelligent dynamic light control further enhances this, allowing for real-time pixel-level object recognition.

Huawei's 85-inch Smart Screen V5 released

The Smart Screen V5 also prioritizes viewer comfort and safety. It offers low blue light automatic brightness adjustment and natural color display, ensuring eye protection. Moreover, the screen features the Honghu Qiguang Brilliant Master Edition display technology. To reduce glare, the screen's surface is coated with a special anti-glare material that effectively scatters incident light.

Another innovative feature is the Huawei Lingxi pointing remote control. This remote control allows users to interact with the screen in a way that resembles using a giant phone, bringing a new level of convenience and ease to navigating mobile applications on the large screen.

Finally, the pricing and availability of the Smart Screen V5 85-inch are noteworthy. It is available in China at an introductory offer of 17,999 yuan (approximately $2,520), making it a competitive option in the smart TV market.