Dreame introduces new S10 Pro Ultra robot vacuum cleaner

Dreame is revolutionizing cleaning with its new S10 Pro Ultra robot vacuum and mop, featuring a powerful 8000Pa suction.

Dreame introduces new S10 Pro Ultra robot vacuum cleaner

Dreame, a notable player in the home appliance sector, has launched its latest innovation, the S10 Pro Ultra "ultra-thin embedded version" vacuum and mop robot, in the Chinese market. This new product, now available for purchase on JD.com, is priced at 4999 yuan (approximately $699), offering advanced cleaning technology to consumers.

The S10 Pro Ultra stands out with its ultra-thin 10 cm body, a design choice made to ensure the robot blends seamlessly into various home environments. Its sleek appearance is not just about aesthetics; it's a practical design choice that allows the robot to discreetly fit into different spaces.

In terms of functionality, the S10 Pro Ultra doesn't disappoint. It is equipped with a powerful 8000Pa suction capability, surpassing many competitors in the market. This strength is further enhanced by a 3.0 version biomimetic robotic arm, certified by TÜV Rheinland. The arm is designed to mimic human movements, enabling the robot to clean effectively, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Dreame introduces new S10 Pro Ultra robot vacuum cleaner

Moreover, the S10 Pro Ultra boasts several innovative features. It offers intelligent rewash and redrag 2.0 capabilities, along with a 60°C hot water mopping feature, ideal for tackling stubborn stains. The robot also comes with an automatic self-cleaning system, further simplifying the cleaning process.

Technologically, the S10 Pro Ultra is at the forefront. It utilizes LDS high-precision laser radar and dual-line 3D structured light for obstacle avoidance and efficient cleaning path planning. These features are supported by Dreame’s self-developed AI Sage algorithm. Additionally, the Turbo Force 4 in-house fan design provides a robust 8000Pa suction for thorough dust removal. The robot also includes an innovative anti-tangling roller brush with aerospace-grade stainless steel blades, minimizing the need for frequent cleaning due to hair tangling.

Dreame is also planning to expand its market presence by launching three new home cleaning products in India on January 2, 2024. These products include the Dreame F9 Pro robot vacuum cleaner, the Dreame H12 Core cordless vacuum, and the Dreame U10 cordless vacuum, each boasting unique features suitable for a variety of cleaning needs.