Xiaomi's new MIJIA Washing Machine impresses with high cleaning ratio

Xiaomi has launched its new MIJIA Washing Machine, a 10 kg capacity model in Ice White, offering a 1:1 cleaning ratio for superior performance.

Xiaomi's new MIJIA Washing Machine impresses with high cleaning ratio

Xiaomi has recently introduced its MIJIA ultra-clean drum washing machine with a 10kg capacity in the ice white model, which is now available for pre-sale in China. This latest addition to Xiaomi's appliance line-up represents a significant advancement in household laundry solutions. The MIJIA washing machine is equipped with direct drive technology, ensuring a high-efficiency 1.1 cleaning ratio, which is a testament to its innovative design.

The MIJIA washing machine's design is not only simple but also aesthetically pleasing. It features a colorful display panel, which simplifies the operation by allowing users to easily navigate through various functions. This user-friendly approach is complemented by its top-notch sterilization and fabric cleaning capabilities. The machine's large drum, powered by a DD direct-drive motor, plays a crucial role in achieving the specified cleaning ratio.

Xiaomi's new MIJIA Washing Machine impresses with high cleaning ratio

Furthermore, the washing machine stands out for its exceptional steam sterilization and mite removal capabilities, boasting a 99.999% sterilization rate and a 100% mite removal rate. It is also rated as 99.999% effective against viruses, offering peace of mind in terms of hygiene and safety.

In addition to its impressive technical specifications, the MIJIA washing machine is programmed with 25 exclusive care programs tailored for various types of fabrics such as wool, silk, cotton, and more. It also provides specialized care options for infant clothing and underwear. Enhancing user convenience, the machine is compatible with the MIJIA app, allowing real-time remote control and OTA online upgrades. The app evolves the washing machine into an intelligent laundry system. Moreover, the machine supports Xiaoai voice control for easy operation.

Currently, the Xiaomi MIJIA direct drive drum 10kg washing machine is available for pre-sale on various retail platforms, including JD.com. Priced at 1,399 yuan (approximately $196), it offers value for money. However, information regarding its global availability and pricing remains undisclosed.