Xiaomi introduces Smart Plug 2 for Europe

Xiaomi Smart Plug 2, featuring Google Home support and protection against overcurrent and overheating, launches in Europe.

Xiaomi introduces Smart Plug 2 for Europe

Xiaomi has recently introduced the Smart Plug 2 in Europe, a new gadget that turns ordinary home appliances into smart devices. This innovative plug allows users to control their appliances remotely using an app or voice commands. Available in a sleek white color, the Smart Plug 2 is designed to blend seamlessly into modern homes.

The Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 is compatible with Google Home, enabling users to operate connected devices via Google Assistant Voice commands. The Xiaomi Home app offers additional functionality, such as remote control of devices, energy consumption monitoring, and the ability to check if a device is switched on. Users can also set up schedules for appliances and view usage statistics. A unique feature of the Smart Plug 2 is its built-in power button, which activates a countdown timer when double-pressed. Users can customize the timer length through the app. This feature, along with the schedules, continues to operate even if the device disconnects from the internet. Moreover, the Smart Plug 2 has a status memory that ensures it resumes its last state after a power outage.

Xiaomi introduces Smart Plug 2 for Europe

Safety is a priority with the Smart Plug 2. It includes sensors to detect overcurrent or overheating, and users receive notifications through the app in such events. With its compact dimensions of 2.4 x 1.6 x 1.3 inches, the Smart Plug 2 offers an advantageous comparison to other products like the Kasa Smart Plug, which also supports Google Home.

The Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 is priced at €14.99 (approximately $16) and is currently available in Spain, Italy, and other EU countries. As of now, there is no information regarding its global availability and pricing outside the EU.

This product launch marks another step in Xiaomi's expansion into the smart home market, offering users a simple yet effective way to upgrade their home appliances into smart devices.