Behold for Apple's new iPhone color: No one expected this

Apple has introduced another color for their iPhone 14 series. Here are all the details.

Behold for Apple's new iPhone color: No one expected this
Apple's new iPhone color is determined

Apple continues to introduce new iPhone colors. While rumors and leaks have been coming out online the tech giant has also officially announced their new iPhone color. The business has yellow versions of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus available yet no Pro version. The yellow color adds a beautiful option to color range.

Apple's new iPhone color looks stunning

iphone yellow
iPhone's new yellow color looks stunning

Beginning on March 10 customers in more than 60 nations can place pre-orders for the yellow iPhone 14 family. Until that time you will have to be okay with what we already have. Until now the Silver color has been liked pretty much but yet yellow can stand out as brining new and exciting energy to the series. On March 14, the updated models will be offered alongside new silicone cover hues, among them a canary yellow.

Before vivid yellow version of the iPhone 5c was available, and a paler version of the iPhone 11 was also available. You can now get a new yellow iPhone for yourself to match it with your smartwatch. What do you think of the new iPhone color, are you a fan or do you think this color should have stayed in old times?