Nokia 106 and 110 4G models now include YouTube Shorts and other cloud apps

Nokia has enhanced the user experience of its 106 4G and 110 4G phone models by adding YouTube Shorts and various cloud-based applications. This innovation brings modern features to basic phone users.

Nokia 106 and 110 4G models now include YouTube Shorts and other cloud apps

Nokia, a global leader in the feature phone market, has made a significant announcement this year. HMD Global, the manufacturer of Nokia phones, introduced the Nokia 106 4G and Nokia 110 4G in India, both positioned in the affordable segment under Rs 2,500 (30$). Taking a step further, the company has now announced the integration of eight cloud apps into these models, aiming to enhance the application experience for feature phone users.

The Nokia 106 4G and Nokia 110 4G, which have been well-received in the market, are now set to offer an even more immersive experience with the addition of cloud applications. Notably, YouTube Shorts is now available on these devices, allowing users to enjoy short video content from the popular platform seamlessly, without any lags or freezes. Users can access this content by signing into their Google account. Alongside YouTube Shorts, the phones will also feature other cloud applications, including BBC Hindi, the classic game Sokoban, and popular games like 2048 and Tetris. Users can access a range of services, from news and weather updates to cricket scores, easily through the cloud icon in the menu.

Nokia 106 and 110 4G models now include YouTube Shorts and other cloud apps

Another significant update for these models is the support for the UPI scan and pay feature, facilitating hassle-free transactions. For existing Nokia 110 4G users, HMD Global plans to roll out over-the-air software updates in the next two weeks.

Both the Nokia 106 4G and Nokia 110 4G boast a 1.8-inch display and are powered by a 1,450mAh battery. These phones are durable, with IP52 certification for water resistance, and run on the S30+ operating system. The addition of YouTube Shorts on these feature phones is a testament to HMD Global’s commitment to providing an unmatched mobile experience, particularly in the feature phone segment.

This development reflects Nokia's ongoing efforts to blend traditional mobile phone functionality with modern technological advancements, ensuring that even the most budget-friendly phones offer a rich user experience.