iOS 17.3 update turns iPhones into a nightmare for thieves

Apple's latest iOS 17.3 update makes iPhones more secure against thieves. With this update, the methods for protecting users' phones are significantly enhanced.

iOS 17.3 update turns iPhones into a nightmare for thieves

Apple's continuous innovation in the realm of mobile operating systems is evident with the recent release of iOS 17.2, introducing new features such as the Daily app and various improvements. Following this update, Apple has not paused in its development cycle, already moving forward with the next iteration. Today, they have launched the first developer beta version of iOS 17.3, bringing to light several new features that are garnering attention. Among these, the “stolen device protection” feature is particularly notable for its potential to secure stolen devices.

With the escalating prices of smartphones, often exceeding $1,000, these devices, rich with advanced technologies, have become frequent targets for theft. This issue is compounded by the fact that our phones contain not just valuable hardware but also a wealth of personal information, from financial data to cherished memories. Recognizing this, the iOS 17.3 update aims to offer a robust solution.

iOS 17.3 update turns iPhones into a nightmare for thieves

iOS already provides a “Lost Mode” for stolen devices, but this has not been foolproof, with some instances of bypassing the mode through simple scams. For instance, fraudsters can trick users by posing as authorities and requesting password verification under the guise of recovering the stolen device, subsequently resetting the phone. The new “stolen device protection” in iOS 17.3 seeks to prevent such scenarios.

With this update, activating the “Lost Mode” will necessitate biometric authentication for every critical operation on the iPhone. Whether logging into a banking app or attempting to reset the phone, actions like these will require Face ID verification. This approach not only adds a layer of security but also ensures the protection of personal data and phone access in scenarios of unauthorized use. Although this feature is still in the beta phase, its full implementation is eagerly awaited.

Apple's latest developments in iOS are a testament to their commitment to enhancing user security and privacy. The introduction of features like “stolen device protection” in iOS 17.3 is a step forward in safeguarding our increasingly digital and mobile lives.