Nokia springs into action to sell refurbished smartphones

The market for refurbished phones becomes a bit more attractive each day. Following many famous brands, now it's Nokia's turn to pivot towards the refurbished phone market.

Nokia springs into action to sell refurbished smartphones

Nokia has recently made headlines with its intention to sell refurbished phones, a move aligning with the company's environmental sustainability strategy. HMD Global, the Nokia brand licensee for phones and tablets, highlighted this and other initiatives in their 2023 Sustainability Progress Report.

The report showcases the company's commitment to environmental friendliness, with strategies extending beyond just their tree planting campaign. Alongside these greening efforts, Nokia has taken significant strides in reducing the environmental footprint of their products. Notably, they have removed numerous accessories from their smartphone and tablet packages, including charging bricks and wired headsets.

The company's commitment to sustainability hasn't gone unnoticed. With over 418,000 trees planted, the initiative is expanding to various countries through a partnership with Ecology. Nokia's efforts earned them the Ecovardis Platinum Award 2023, an accolade reserved for businesses demonstrating excellent sustainability practices globally.

Nokia springs into action to sell refurbished smartphones

On the consumer side, Nokia's recycling program is set to allow buyers in the UK and Germany to purchase refurbished devices. The plan is to gradually expand this program to other markets, offering customers affordable and durable phones.

Moreover, HMD aims to contribute to the community by donating returned and refurbished phones to charity, reducing electronic waste in landfills. So far, they've donated approximately 700 phones to digitally disadvantaged individuals and successfully removed up to 3.5 tonnes of plastic from rivers.

Currently, the refurbishing initiative is focused on Europe, where Nokia maintains a robust market presence. Despite a decline in other regions, the expansion of this sustainable model to other markets is eagerly anticipated.