Popular OnePlus smartphone gets a brilliant update

The latest OxygenOS 13 A.10 update for the OnePlus 11 brings substantial improvements to both performance and camera capabilities.

Popular OnePlus smartphone gets a brilliant update
Update time for OnePlus 11! (OnePlus)

OnePlus 11 receives a significant boost in performance and camera capabilities through the latest OxygenOS 13 A.10 update. This update brings a host of system and camera improvements to the device, promising an enhanced user experience. With the OxygenOS 13 A.10 update, OnePlus 11 users can expect smoother operation, improved stability, and optimized system performance.

Popular OnePlus smartphone gets a brilliant update

The OxygenOS 13 A.10 update includes several improvements and bug fixes. One of the bugs addressed is the frequent closure of the app drawer. The app drawer has also been redesigned to have a more minimalistic look. The update removes the line at the bottom of the frequently used apps row in order to distinguish it from the rest of the drawer. Additionally, the clock widget on the Shelf has been enhanced, allowing the full display of the city name on both the Clock and World Clock widgets.

oxygenos 13 a.10
 OxygenOS 13 A.10 update for OnePlus 11 brings several improvements. (OnePlus)

In addition to these minor changes, the update incorporates the April 2023 security patch, enhancing the overall security and privacy of the OnePlus 11. If you haven't received the OTA (Over-The-Air) notification for the update, you can manually install it by navigating to Settings > System > Software Update and selecting Download & Install.