Samsung considers a name change for Galaxy S24

A Samsung official suggests "AI Phone" may not be suitable for the Galaxy S24 series, indicating a search for an alternative name.

Samsung considers a name change for Galaxy S24

Recent developments in the world of smartphone technology have brought to light a significant decision within Samsung. Lu Taiwen, a notable figure at Samsung, has reportedly expressed reservations about the name “AI Phone” for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. This series, comprising the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, is poised to mark a new chapter in Samsung's flagship offerings.

Lu Taiwen's primary concern appears to be that the term “AI Phone” might not adequately convey the full range of AI capabilities inherent in the Galaxy S24 series. This concern stems from the belief that the name might not fully encapsulate the technological advancements and user experience that Samsung aims to deliver with these new models. Moreover, there are speculations about potential pronunciation issues with “AI Phone,” which might sound too similar to “iPhone.” However, the exact reasoning behind Lu Taiwen’s stance remains unconfirmed.

Samsung considers a name change for Galaxy S24

In light of these concerns, employees have been urged to come up with alternative naming options that more accurately reflect the AI-driven nature of the upcoming devices. This development follows Samsung's previous moves, including filing for trademarks such as “AI Phone” and “AI Smartphone,” which indicated a strong commitment to artificial intelligence in their future products.

The Galaxy S24 series is already being recognized for its AI-centric approach, with Samsung signaling a clear intent to prioritize artificial intelligence in these new models. The company has announced the introduction of Galaxy AI, integrating advanced AI models directly into the devices. A notable feature expected in this lineup is the AI Live Translate Call, offering real-time translation services. This feature is particularly groundbreaking as it eliminates the need for external translation apps and seamlessly provides audio and text translations during calls.

Samsung’s decision to reevaluate the naming of their upcoming flagship series reflects a thoughtful approach to branding, ensuring that the names accurately represent the innovative features and capabilities of their products.

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