Samsung secures 'Expandable Screen' patent in Europe

Samsung has obtained a patent in Europe for its innovative 'Expandable Screen' technology. This technology increases the potential to change screen sizes in future devices.

Samsung secures 'Expandable Screen' patent in Europe

Samsung has recently taken significant strides in the realm of OLED display technology. The company's latest innovations, "Flex Magic" and "Flex Magic Pixel," have been registered as trademarks in South Korea and have now appeared on Europe's trademark listing website, EUIPO. Accompanied by brief descriptions, these patents confirm their application in OLED displays for smartphones, augmented reality (AR) devices, and other large display appliances.

The patents for "Flex Magic" and "Flex Magic Pixel" are noteworthy developments in display technology. Along with the patent names, Samsung has also applied for logo trademarks. These logos feature the respective names with a square object in the center, suggesting a focus on the design aspect of these technologies.

Samsung secures 'Expandable Screen' patent in Europe

The applications of these OLED display panels are extensive, encompassing video monitors, televisions, smartphones, wearables, smart glasses, reality glasses, and tablet monitors. Significantly, they are labeled as “expandable screens for smartphones” and “smartphones in the shape of a watch,” hinting at the future of flexible and adaptable display technology.

Samsung's foray into expandable display technology isn't entirely new. The company has previously showcased several projects, including the Flex Note device displayed at SID 2022 Display Week in San Jose, California. Additionally, a Samsung Flex Gaming handheld concept was demonstrated at CES 2023, where staff showcased a folding screen with a controller peripheral.

The registration of the Flex Magic Pixel and Flex Magic trademarks in both the EUIPO and South Korea's Certification Agency signals a major advancement in expandable display technology, potentially set for mass availability in 2024. The implications for AR products are significant, and the likelihood of a new smartphone featuring this technology seems increasingly plausible.

The potential use cases for such expandable displays are vast, potentially revolutionizing the standard form factor of various electronic devices. This marks an exciting evolution in technology, especially for smartphones, opening up new possibilities for design and functionality.