Sony to work on a strong rival for foldable market

Sony has been rumored to work on a compact clamshell foldable phone. Here are all the details.

Sony to work on a strong rival for foldable market
Sony's foldable is on the way

Foldable devices are our new normal now and the market leaders have taken the game far already. Samsung and Huawei stand out as the leaders of the foldable market but Sony is ready to jump the ship with their exclusive foldable. 

Sony to work on a strong foldable device

sony foldable

According to Japanese media, Sony's foldable gadget will bear likeness to Samsung's Universe Z Flip 4. Sony's commitment to a sleek and compact design can be seen in this decision. The competition in the foldable market is quite strong and we can say that Sony has some strong rivals. If the rumors are true, Sony could take advantage of the current trend toward foldable displays and catch up to well-known companies like Google and Samsung, which have already entered the market for foldable phones.

Sony's foldable telephone could be named the Xperia Overlap, indicating a possible spotlight on gaming capacities. There are still many things we do not know yet, but as the time goes we will have more information regarding the Sony's upcoming foldable. While every brand is joining the foldable market, Apple's foldable is still yet to be seen.