Sony Xperia Compact foldable coming in hot

Sony Xperia Compact is coming in hot with good features and expected to be the new king of the market.

Sony Xperia Compact foldable coming in hot

Foldable devices are our new normal and every brand has started to offer their version, Sony is no expectiton. Apple has not offer their foldable one yet but Sony has rolled up its sleeves for it. We've seen more foldable cell phones let in the previous year out of a bigger pool of brands and another talk proposes Sony will likewise participate with its own clamshell foldable.

Sony to offer its foldable device

The latest rumor surfaced in a South Korean forum post, though the shared information is at best hazy. The source claims we'll see a cutting edge top of the line clamshell foldable of the Xperia Minimal series. It seems odd that the device that is being rumored won't have a cover screen because every other vertically folding phone has a secondary screen. We will just have to wait and see if Sony really intends to revive the Xperia Compact series as a clamshell foldable because there is currently no additional information regarding the specs.

Sony's is determined to take a good place in the foldable market. Right now we can say that Samsung and Huawei is ahead of the game.