There's significant new information about the iPhone 16 Pro model

iPhone, the most popular name in the smartphone market, has already started to showcase its new model.

There's significant new information about the iPhone 16 Pro model

Details have emerged about Apple's forthcoming iPhone 16 series, even though the company only recently unveiled the iPhone 15 series. While it's early to consider the numerous leaks and speculations, a report by Economic News Daily has provided some intriguing details about the camera of the iPhone 16 Pro.

According to the report, Largan is set to be the exclusive manufacturer of the telephoto lenses for the iPhone 16 Pro. These lenses will incorporate molded glass, believed to be lighter and slimmer than conventional glass. Such a feature might contribute to a decrease in the thickness of the protruding camera bump and may also lead to a weight reduction.

There's significant new information about the iPhone 16 Pro model

This molded glass lens could provide enhanced magnification capabilities. Interestingly, the molded glass lens is expected to be used in both the iPhone 16 Pro and the Pro Max models. Given the intricate nature of these lenses, preparations for next year’s Pro models seem to be underway, with a significant number of orders already placed in the supply chain.

Previously, there were indications that the iPhone 16 Pro might use the tetraprism telephoto lens found in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is also produced by Largan. This particular lens offers an extended focal length and an optical zoom feature without adding any thickness to the phone. The introduction of the molded glass lens seems to be a continuation of this trend, given its lightweight and slim characteristics. It is also designed to offer more magnification within a compact form.

The 120mm zoom lens feature from the iPhone 15 Pro Max is also anticipated to be included in the iPhone 16 Pro, leveling it with the Pro Max variant. It remains to be seen if Apple will maintain the 24mm and 120mm focal lengths using these thinner lenses.