Facebook will now pay more attention to videos!

Facebook, one of the world's most important social media platforms, has decided to focus more on video content in the new era.

Facebook will now pay more attention to videos!

Despite experiencing a drop in user numbers over the years, Facebook has remained one of the most established social media platforms, in no small part due to its innovative use of video content. Since 2007, videos have become an integral feature on the platform. Now, Facebook has rolled out updates designed to bolster the creation of more engaging content and to facilitate a better user experience.

To start with, a focus has been put on enhancing video editing tools, making it even more versatile and user-friendly. Facebook has rolled out features to enhance its Reels functionality, introducing a more seamless editing process that merges audio, music, and text onto a single interface. This allows creators to time and layer their creative elements effortlessly. More clip editing tools are available as well, enabling users to play with video speed, clip reversal, and replacement. Moreover, enhanced audio options now allow for better sound mixing, adding music and audio clips, recording voiceovers, and reducing background noise.

Facebook will now pay more attention to videos!

Another major update is the introduction of HDR video support, beginning with mobile uploads to Reels. Users will now enjoy videos in full HDR, offering superior visual quality.

To streamline the user interface and enhance video engagement, Facebook is launching a Video tab. This consolidates all video content types, including Reels, long-form, and live content. It offers a personalised feed that simplifies video exploration. With the addition of horizontal-scroll reels sections, users can easily discover short-form videos. The Video tab will soon be accessible directly from the shortcut bar for users on both iOS and Android.

Additionally, the video Explore feature has been revamped to allow users to dive deeper into popular video topics. By combining human curation and machine learning, the Explore section presents a mix of reels, long-form, and live videos relevant to popular topics and hashtags. This ensures that users will find content that aligns with their interests and preferences.

Lastly, Facebook has made it possible for users to engage with Instagram Reels directly from the Facebook app. This seamless integration means users can watch and comment on Instagram Reels without switching platforms. By linking their Facebook and Instagram accounts to the Meta Accounts Center, users can interact effortlessly with content and creators across the two platforms.