Trump's arrest pictures went viral: Here is the truth

Donald Trump's arrest pictures have went viral online, yet it turned out to be a deepfake work. Here are all the details.

Trump's arrest pictures went viral: Here is the truth
Deepfake seems too good to be fake

Recently, there were some rumors that Donald Trump would be arrested. In this context, the photos leaked to the internet became viral in a short time. Along with that the photo showing Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the Catholics, in a white puffy coat went viral on social media.

The pictures have been revealed to be the work of AI

Eliot Higgins, founder of the investigative journalism group Bellingcat, which created the photos of Trump being arrested, said she asked artificial intelligence to create "a photo where Donald Trump fell while being arrested", yet the photos went viral quickly. Deepfake and AI create such images that look almost too good to be fake which creates a problem of what to believe these days.

Trump's picture was just a "work of fun" to be retweeted by only 5 people, yet it turned to be a viral. Many social media users shared messages containing surprise, stating that they thought the photo was real.