Bad news for Facebook users

One of the major names in the world of social media, Facebook, announced the onset of a new era for its users.

Bad news for Facebook users

By September 28, 2023, Facebook Messenger will no longer offer SMS support for Android users. This change was subtly announced on Meta's official support page. For those who currently utilize Messenger as their primary SMS application, they'll need to transition to another platform before this date.

Meta, previously known as Facebook, integrated SMS functionality into the Messenger app back in 2012. However, this feature was short-lived and was removed in 2013. The reintroduction of SMS support came about in 2016, albeit with modifications. One distinct change was the color-coding system, wherein SMS messages were displayed in purple, setting them apart from the standard blue used for online chats.

Bad news for Facebook users

In recent times, third-party SMS applications have seen a decline in usage. This can be attributed to users gravitating towards internet-based messaging platforms such as Messenger and WhatsApp, which provide enhanced features. A notable limitation of Messenger is its inability to support the modern IP-based Rich Communication Services (RCS). Google, on the other hand, has been heavily invested in RCS. Their messaging app, Google Messages, which is default for many Android devices, manages both SMS and MMS while also supporting RCS.

Given Google's emphasis on RCS as a successor to SMS and MMS, it's foreseeable that third-party SMS applications might face further obsolescence. Considering this evolving landscape, it's understandable why Meta has opted to phase out SMS functionalities from its Messenger app for Android. Instead, they might be channeling their efforts to refine Messenger as a platform primarily for social messaging.

For Android enthusiasts who have integrated Messenger for SMS, it would be prudent to transition to alternative platforms in the upcoming months. There are numerous commendable SMS applications, including Google Messages, Textra, and Pulse, to name a few.