Google Nearby Share revamped, inspired by Samsung Quick Share

Google's Nearby Share feature is being redesigned, drawing inspiration from Samsung Quick Share to enhance user experience.

Google Nearby Share revamped, inspired by Samsung Quick Share

Google's built-in app for transferring files between Android devices, Nearby Share, might soon undergo a significant transformation. There's a possibility that it could be rebranded as Quick Share, aligning with the name of Samsung’s own file-sharing service. However, this change seems to be more than just a mere cosmetic update. There are indications that Google and Samsung might be looking to merge their file-sharing services, or at least make them work together seamlessly. This collaboration could be a substantial advantage for Android users, especially those who use Samsung devices.

Android developer Kmila Wojciechowska noticed this potential change after installing a Google Mobile Services update (version 23.50.13). The update not only suggests renaming Nearby Share to Quick Share but also introduces a new notification that explains the change. It also features an icon that appears to blend the designs of both services.

Google Nearby Share revamped, inspired by Samsung Quick Share

Despite the possible rebranding, Quick Share's core functionality seems to remain largely unchanged. Users can still share files and photos with everyone, limit sharing to their own devices, or restrict it to contacts synced from their Google account. The update also brings a clearer pop-up menu that differentiates between your devices and those nearby, simplifying the selection process. Additionally, for enhanced privacy, users will have the option to temporarily hide themselves from others for ten minutes.

The implications of this change could also extend to Google's Nearby Share for Windows, potentially undergoing a similar name change if the Quick Share rebranding becomes official. However, macOS would remain as the only major platform without this service. This strategic move by Google and Samsung could significantly strengthen the interoperability between their devices and enhance the overall Android ecosystem.

As of now, Google has not officially commented on this potential rebranding or the extent of their collaboration with Samsung. Users can anticipate retaining the familiar functionality of Nearby Share under the new Quick Share name, with more developments possibly emerging in the future.

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