WhatsApp is testing a game changer feature

WhatsApp is working on a automatically play animated GIFs features. Here are all the details.

WhatsApp is testing a game changer feature
WhatsApp to offer new features

WhatsApp, as being one of the most used messaging applications has bee stepping up its game in the last couple years. After losing some users due to security and privacy problems the company has dedicated themselves to offer better features and gain its users back. In that sense right now we have another feature going on.

WhatsApp to work on automatically play vivified GIFs

WhatsApp is testing a game changer feature

Right now WhatsApp users must tap the image to view the animation, but the company is aiming to change that. That will slightly change in WhatsApp beta for Android; animated GIFs will now automatically play the first time they are viewed. Be that as it may, as WABetaInfo notes, WhatsApp will just play the activity once, regardless of whether the GIF is circled. After that, you'll see the familiar "GIF" badge, and if you want to see the animation again, you'll have to tap the image again.

Assuming that you're essential for the WhatsApp TestFlight program, you may as of now approach auto-playing GIFs. The feature will roll for other users as well.