YouTube Premium kullanıcılarına özel oyun alanı: Playables

YouTube offers a new gaming experience exclusively for Premium users: Playables bring entertainment to new heights.

YouTube Premium kullanıcılarına özel oyun alanı: Playables

YouTube is introducing a novel feature aimed at boosting its Premium service subscriptions, named Playables. This feature is a unique addition to both the YouTube app and desktop website, allowing users to engage in arcade games directly within the platform, without the need for any downloads.

Playables, which is presently in its beta testing phase and available only to a select group of Premium subscribers, offers a seamless gaming experience. It is divided into two sections: Home and Browse. The Home tab displays a curated selection of popular titles along with recently played games, while the Browse tab expands the selection to around 37 games.

One of the most appealing aspects of Playables is its convenience, as all games are playable directly within the YouTube app or website, eliminating the need for additional downloads. This feature not only simplifies access to games but also enhances the overall user experience on the platform.

YouTube Premium kullanıcılarına özel oyun alanı: Playables

At present, Playables' game library includes popular titles such as Angry Birds Showdown, Brain Out, and Daily Solitaire. While the current selection is modest, YouTube plans to expand its gaming offerings in the future.

YouTube's venture into integrating gaming within its platform follows a similar move by Netflix, which introduced its own game arcade in November 2021. However, Netflix's gaming feature has not seen significant traction so far, leaving it to be seen how Playables will perform in comparison.

YouTube plans to offer Playables until March 28, 2024, at which point the company will evaluate its performance to decide its future. If Playables gains popularity, it could become a permanent feature on YouTube, further diversifying the platform's content offerings.