Does Apple's 10th gen iPad pass the standards of heavy durability tests?

Apple's 10th gen iPad has undergone durability test. However, the results do not seem well.

Does Apple's 10th gen iPad pass the standards of heavy durability tests?
10th gen iPad has undergone heavy durability tests.

YouTuber Zack Nelson is known for durability tests on mobile devices. He recently hosted the 10th gen iPad on his channel called JerryRigEverything. As usual, he put the tablet through a series of rigorous tests, evaluating its durability.

10th gen iPad unfortunately snaps from the middle 

The 10th gen iPad's all-metal chassis would make you think it would be a little more durable, but Zack from JerryRigEverything disproves the majority of our expectations. He decided for some reason to test the 10.9-inch tablet's durability on a pink version.

Nelson first measured the scratch resistance of the screen. Visible scratch marks appeared when using a pencil with a hardness rating of 6 on the Mohs scale. In addition, it was emphasized that the screen of the tablet is not complying with OGS display technology and there is an air gap under the screen.

10th-gen iPad

This iPad's case appears to be all aluminum and free of plastic inserts. Unlike the body, the camera glass was not scratched by the impact of the blade and protected the lens. In the heat resistance test, the display displayed typical IPS panel behavior. Pixels turned black after 15 seconds of warm up but quickly recovered after cooling down.

In the final stage, the conventional bending test was performed. However, 10th gen iPad failed to survive. The body of the tablet cracked from the area where the keyboard connector was located. Then the Zack partially disassembled the device and revealed an interesting structural feature. The speakers of the device are located far from the holes in the case, which negatively affects the sound level.