Huge step for electric cars from Huawei: Things will change

Having an important place in the electric car market, Huawei introduced its new charging station.

Huge step for electric cars from Huawei: Things will change
Huawei has announced their new step for EV cars

Electric cars are now our new normal. In this context, although Tesla maintains its leadership, other technology companies have also started to participate in this market. Xiaomi and Huawei are among the names that started to make their name in the electric vehicle industry.

Huawei has made a huge step in EV market


Chinese technology giant Huawei has announced a new generation of electric vehicle charger technology as part of the 35th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS35). The new electric vehicle charging solution is called FusionCharge. Specifically, this technology can provide 40kW DC charging, which is a pretty significant value.

Currently, the brand has a station with 8 units for testing purposes. Images also leaked online. The charging stations are in a bright red color and each charging station has Huawei's brand logo.  The terminal uses a liquid-cooled heat radiation system with an output voltage range of 200V to 1000V and a maximum output current of 600A. Although Huawei showes some results Apple has been quite with their Apple Car project. Rumors and reports leaked before yet there is still no specific date and idea on when we would get the tech giant's car.

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