Nissan's new electric vehicle concept turns driving into a game

As interest in electric cars keeps growing, the renowned car manufacturer Nissan's new concept model grabbed all the attention.

Nissan's new electric vehicle concept turns driving into a game

Nissan has unveiled an innovative concept car, the Concept 20-23, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of its design studio in London. Rather than just another electric vehicle (EV), this vehicle embodies a fusion of elements from Formula E racing, online gaming, and efficient city transportation.

While the Concept 20-23 might not herald an immediate shift in the automotive industry, it surely provides insights into Nissan's vision for future EV designs. Conceptualized by the rising stars at Nissan Design Europe, this car has been crafted with urban environments, notably London, in mind. Its three-door hatchback appearance is complemented by aerodynamic features, such as deep skirts on both ends that channel air to cool the brakes, thereby optimizing efficiency.

Nissan's new electric vehicle concept turns driving into a game

When viewed from the side, prominent wheels set within pronounced arches catch the eye. These arches incorporate vents specifically designed to reduce wind drag, further emphasizing the vehicle's focus on efficiency. The car's interior maintains a minimalist design ethos, featuring only two screens to present essential information to the driver.

Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s Senior VP for global design, has highlighted that the Concept 20-23 takes inspiration from the dynamic realm of online racing. The intention is to bridge the gap between contemporary urban lifestyles and the exhilarating world of online gaming, all the while ensuring zero emissions.

Currently, specifics about the car's electric mechanism remain under wraps. However, it's evident that its design philosophy and innovative features will inspire and shape the next generation of Nissan EVs, combining a sporty flair with features tailor-made for city commutes.