Tesla introduces new generation humanoid robot Optimus Gen 2

Tesla has unveiled its latest humanoid robot, Optimus Gen 2, featuring significant improvements over its predecessor, Optimus Gen 1. Equipped with innovative design and advanced features, this robot heralds a new era in the world of technology.

Tesla introduces new generation humanoid robot Optimus Gen 2

Tesla is poised to unveil the Optimus Gen 2, a revolutionary advancement in their humanoid robot series. This new model boasts significant improvements over its predecessor, including enhanced hands and foot force sensing, making it a standout in robotic innovation.

The Optimus Gen 2 features tactile sensing on all fingers, a testament to Tesla's commitment to sophistication and functionality. This robot is not only faster but also lighter, enhancing its efficiency and usability. It moves about 30% faster than the previous model, a remarkable feat achieved just 9 months after the first Optimus robot was introduced.

Tesla introduces new generation humanoid robot Optimus Gen 2

Retaining the performance and endurance capabilities of its predecessor, the Optimus Gen 2 introduces new hands with 11 degrees of freedom. This feature enables the robot to handle sensitive and delicate objects with unprecedented precision. The robot's neck offers 2 degrees of freedom, adding to its human-like movements. The inclusion of foot force/torque sensing and articulated toe sections, which mimic the human foot, further augment its capabilities.

The various enhancements lend the Optimus Gen 2 a strikingly human appearance, broadening its potential applications. Its advanced AI functionality is a crucial aspect of its design, enabling it to perform a wide array of tasks.

In terms of technical specifics, the Optimus Gen 2 integrates actuators and sensors with sophisticated circuits and harnessing. It also achieves a significant weight reduction of 10kg compared to the earlier model, contributing to its improved balance and control. Tesla has demonstrated these advancements through a display of two dancing robots, showcasing the improved posture control. The robot's enhanced speed is highlighted in a catwalk presentation in front of a Cybertruck lineup.

A recently released video on X (formerly Twitter) offers a glimpse into the capabilities of the Optimus Gen 2. The footage, which shows the robot deftly handling eggs, underscores the remarkable improvements in this new model. While Tesla has yet to announce a definitive release date and price for the Optimus Gen 2, the anticipation for this cutting-edge robot continues to grow.