Samsung and Google to partner for a magic laptop

South Korean tech giant Samsung and Google have announced their new partnership which creates a magic laptop.

Samsung and Google to partner for a magic laptop
Samsung and Google's new project is revealed

Samsung and Google have been working on a magic laptop that can turn your phone into a strong computer. Reports suggested that Samsung is working on a new device that combines DeX and ChromeOS. Let's take a look at how all these will work.

Samsung and Google to work on a magic device

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Basically DeX is a platform that allows users to connect their Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets to create a desktop-like experience. Now the company will take this a few steps ahead with Google. A new device based on Google's ChromeOS and Samsung's DeX platform is said to be in development.

The gadget, which is reputed to be known as the DeXbook, is supposed to be fueled by an Exynos chip and could be reported close by another Exynos-controlled World Book for Windows on Arm.

Exynos is typically found in Samsung's Galaxy tablets and smartphones, but it has also been found in some of the company's laptops. The rumored DeXbook may be a more appealing option for users who are looking for a device with a longer battery life because the Exynos chip is said to be more power-efficient than the Intel chips. We should remind that this device is still a rumor and we will have more information soon.

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