Say goodbye to sharing your Netflix account for free

Netflix has been suffering because of account sharing, therefore company has rolled up its sleeves to act on it. Here are all the details.

Say goodbye to sharing your Netflix account for free
Netflix finally stops password sharing

Netflix has announced some loss because of account password sharing for free. The streaming giant has been talking about they will do some arrangements on the subject and the day finally has come for it. The company will start to charge extra money from whose who want to share their account. Let's take a look.

Netflix to stop password sharing for free

Netflix stops password sharing for free

Te business stated, "We launched paid sharing in four countries and are pleased with the results." In the second quarter, we plan a broad rollout, including in the United States. In Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain, Netflix has been offering paid account sharing since February. With the add-on, primary account holders can share their Netflix subscription with up to two people outside of their immediate family for an additional monthly fee.

If you are the owner of the account you can still watch on your phone as the primary account owner and sign into the service on a device outside your home, such as a smart TV in a hotel. Secondary users can also create new accounts by converting their existing profiles on Netflix.