The monthly cost of the YouTube Premium has increased!

YouTube Premium's monthly cost has been increased. Now the price for one month is $5 more than before.

The monthly cost of the YouTube Premium has increased!
YouTube Premium Family Plan will cost more

Video streaming giant Youtube raises monthly family fees. An increase came from Youtube after most streams increased their prices. If you are someone who uses YouTube Premium family plan you can now check your mail to see the new prices. Users are being informed by Google that the service's monthly cost will increase by $5.

The main announcement states that the price increase will take effect on or after November 21st, but YouTube has some good news on that matter. According to Engadget "because they were a "long-standing and valued member," some members monthly price would not rise until April.

What are the YouTube membership prices?

youtube premium price increased

The family plan for just two users cost $17.99, a family of two will save only $1 per month now. However, single-user prices have not changed at this time, it remains as $6.99 per month for students and $11.99 per month for individual accounts.

Additionally, some features will remain same. For example premium users still have access to YouTube Music which is a strong viral to Spotify. Premium users will also have the ability to download videos for offline viewing, and the ability to continue playing music and videos in the background or with your phone screen off.