New details emerge regarding GTA 6 leaks

The gaming world continues to receive striking news related to the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6.

New details emerge regarding GTA 6 leaks

The gaming community experienced a significant shock in September 2022 when 90 video clips revealing unfinished gameplay of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 emerged. While these videos were swiftly removed, countless viewers had already witnessed their content.

As the quest to uncover the source of the leak intensified, it led to the arrest of Arion Kurtaj, an 18-year-old in the UK. Notably, Kurtaj was affiliated with the Lapsus$ hacker group, known for their involvement in several major data breaches, encompassing companies like Microsoft, Nvidia, and Okta. Before targeting Rockstar, the same individual was apprehended after the Nvidia data breach in February 2022. Safety concerns saw him housed in a Bicester Travelodge, with stipulations that restricted his internet access. Unfortunately, these measures did little to deter his hacking endeavors.

New details emerge regarding GTA 6 leaks

In a surprising revelation, reports highlighted Kurtaj's use of rudimentary devices—a smartphone, a keyboard, a mouse, and an Amazon Fire TV Stick—to bypass security and access Rockstar’s cloud services via the hotel television. Upon gaining access, he pilfered incomplete gameplay clips of Grand Theft Auto VI and brazenly reached out to Rockstar employees on Slack. Posing as a cyber assailant, he demanded contact on Telegram, threatening to unveil the game's source code otherwise.

Subsequent to this, the gameplay clips found their way to the GTA Forums on September 18, 2022. Though posted by the pseudonym "TeaPotUberHacker," it's uncertain if Kurtaj was responsible for this leak. However, in light of these events, he was promptly re-arrested and scheduled for trial. It's plausible that his actions were coordinated with the Lapsus$ group, as another 17-year-old from England and Brazil was also indicted in connection with these cyber-attacks.

In the backdrop of this tumultuous saga, Rockstar Games has remained silent on any official GTA 6 announcements. Nonetheless, it's widely speculated that the game's launch might be slated for 2024, leaving fans to engage with Grand Theft Auto V across various platforms for the time being.

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