Steam offers six games for free this Christmas

To spread Christmas joy, Steam gifts users with six fantastic games for free.

Steam offers six games for free this Christmas

This holiday season, gamers are in for a treat as Steam rolls out its festive offerings with six free games. Each game caters to a variety of gaming preferences, ensuring a little something for everyone.

The first game on the list is "The Finals," a dynamic battle royale that's rapidly gaining popularity in the gaming community. It's an ideal pick for those who haven't experienced it yet. For city-building enthusiasts, "Build Master: MarsVille" offers a unique challenge of establishing a colony on Mars using engineering skills.

Steam offers six games for free this Christmas

Another title, "Killfish," is an action-packed FPS where players navigate a robot-dominated factory, demanding both skill and strategy for survival. For fantasy lovers, "DreadMoon" provides an immersive experience where players transform into werewolves to battle an evil vampire lord.

"Duels of Fortune" is perfect for those who enjoy fast-paced, combo-driven fighting games with a diverse array of characters. Lastly, "Knight’s Path: The Tournament" is a concise medieval RPG that offers engaging combat, an immersive progression system, and a compelling storyline.

In addition to Steam's offerings, Epic Games continues its annual holiday event with the release of "Ghostwire: Tokyo." This latest addition to their free game lineup is an exciting opportunity for gamers to expand their library.