Rockstar hacked again: GTA 5 codes leaked online

Rockstar Games faces a major cybersecurity issue with the leak of GTA 5's source codes and hints about upcoming games.

Rockstar hacked again: GTA 5 codes leaked online

Rockstar Games, renowned for the Grand Theft Auto series, is currently grappling with a significant security breach. This incident follows recent leaks about the much-awaited GTA 6. The breach is particularly severe as it involves the leak of GTA 5's entire source code, and potentially more.

Among the leaked information is a tantalizing hint: a file named Bully 2. This discovery has rekindled hopes for the sequel to Bully, a game released between Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4, known for its unique gameplay and setting. Fans have long awaited a sequel, and this leak suggests that Rockstar Games might have been developing Bully 2 in secrecy.

The leak also includes an early map for GTA 5 and a script, which reveals that GTA 6 was initially codenamed “Project Americas.” This information was partially verified by a screenshot shared by YouTuber SKizzleAXE and a fan named “Agent” who posted leaked code and images of the RAGE engine. However, these posts on X/Twitter have since been removed.

Rockstar hacked again: GTA 5 codes leaked online

The exact circumstances of this leak remain unclear. There are speculations that the GTA 5 code was leaked via Discord, and rumors suggest that the full code has been privately exchanged since 2022. This timeline matches the initial leak of 10,000 lines of GTA 6 code, hinting at a more extensive security breach.

This situation represents a major setback for Rockstar Games. The leaked code is not only a valuable intellectual property, but it could also lead to technical problems and possible delays in their upcoming projects, including GTA 6. Gaming Detective (@that1detectiv3), a notable online reporter, has underscored the gravity of this breach and advised caution.

As of this writing, Rockstar Games has not issued any public statements regarding the leak.

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