Nintendo Switch 2 release date and prices of two variants have been leaked

Developed by Nintendo and long dominating the gaming headlines, Switch 2 surfaced with vital information.

Nintendo Switch 2 release date and prices of two variants have been leaked

Rumors are swirling about Nintendo's plans for their upcoming gaming console, tentatively referred to as the Nintendo Switch 2. The latest whispers in the tech community suggest that we might see the console's debut on September 24, 2024. An inside source, identified as SoldierDelta, hints at Nintendo's strategy to release two distinct versions of this console. The classic version will be priced at $449, whereas its digital-only counterpart will carry a more pocket-friendly price tag of $399. However, potential buyers should be aware of the possibility of the launch being postponed to November 3rd if unforeseen complications occur.

Surprisingly, instead of the previously rumored OLED screen, it appears the Nintendo Switch 2 might sport an LED display. Among other speculated features, the console might include advanced augmented reality (AR) capabilities. Though the development codename "NG" is making rounds in discussions, it's worth noting that this title hasn't been officially adopted by Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch 2 release date and prices of two variants have been leaked

SoldierDelta's past track record of accurate leaks lends credibility to this information. Another name in the leak game, The Snitch, has also been associated with these leaks, which adds another layer of trustworthiness to the rumors. Despite all these speculations, it's crucial for enthusiasts to wait for an official statement from Nintendo.

In terms of hardware capabilities, the Nintendo Switch 2 seems poised to rival heavyweights like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. Inside sources suggest that it will house a formidable 12 GB of RAM, a major leap from its predecessor's 4 GB. This would make it a formidable contender against the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in terms of raw power. Additionally, there's a buzz about the potential integration of Nvidia's state-of-the-art DLSS 3.1 technology, promising to elevate the visual experience of its games.

In a related update from China, Tencent, Nintendo Switch's exclusive distributor, recently rolled out a Nintendo Switch Mario Red Edition for 2,599 Yuan (equivalent to $356). This limited edition comes with aesthetic enhancements and also boasts technical upgrades, including a more expansive OLED screen and augmented storage capabilities.

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