Spencer anticipates inevitable price increase for Game Pass

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer anticipates an inevitable price increase for Game Pass in the future, emphasizing the need to provide users with options for building their game libraries and the

Spencer anticipates inevitable price increase for Game Pass
Spencer anticipates inevitable price increase for Game Pass.

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer made an in-person appearance at the Tokyo Game Show 2023, engaging with fans and the press.

Spencer anticipates inevitable price increase for Game Pass

A recent interview with Spencer by Japanese website Game Watch revealed several noteworthy insights. 

Here are some key points from the interview:

Success of Game Pass: Phil Spencer mentioned that Game Pass is performing well, particularly following the launch of Starfield. With Forza Motorsport on the horizon, Microsoft has achieved its goal of consistently releasing major titles on the subscription service.

Potential Game Pass price increase: When asked about the possibility of future Game Pass price hikes, Spencer acknowledged that it's inevitable. He emphasized the importance of offering users choices in building their game libraries, whether through subscriptions or direct game purchases. While Microsoft recently raised Game Pass prices after careful consideration, they aim to provide services recognized as high value, even with increased prices.

Starfield updates: Spencer highlighted the significance of updating Starfield to maintain player engagement with Game Pass and the game itself. Bethesda Game Studios is actively working on updates, including the game's first patch.

Collaboration with Japanese Studios: Microsoft is collaborating with Japanese game studios to create new titles for Xbox, some of which are currently undisclosed. Spencer expressed confidence in the growth of the development environment for both first-party and third-party games, anticipating more Japanese titles in the future.

Additionally, Spencer mentioned "Hi-Fi RUSH," a recent release that, while not a major title like "Blue Dragon," was of high quality. He reiterated Microsoft's commitment to working with Japanese game creators and studios.

It's worth noting that, several years ago, Spencer expressed interest in adding more Asia-based game creators to Microsoft's first-party lineup. While challenges such as the COVID pandemic and the acquisition of Activision Blizzard may have influenced this endeavor, it remains to be seen how the situation evolves as the acquisition deal nears completion.