Next Xbox console launch date tipped

The forthcoming debut of the next Xbox console appears to be on the horizon, with indications pointing towards an upcoming release.

Next Xbox console launch date tipped

Microsoft is reportedly gearing up for the launch of a successor to the Xbox Series X|S in the year 2028, as revealed in court documents filed during the ongoing legal dispute with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Next Xbox console launch date tipped

In these documents, there is a chat log from May 2022, where Microsoft executives engaged in discussions about their future console plans. One executive made reference to "the plan for 2028," prompting questions about whether the Xbox business would maintain its current console model or adopt a more flexible and capabilities-driven approach akin to Windows.

Kevin Gammill, Corporate VP of gaming ecosystems, responded by noting that Microsoft had already embarked on a journey towards greater flexibility with consoles, starting with the Xbox One and Xbox One X, and continuing with the current-gen Xbox Series X|S. He emphasized the intention to offer enhanced flexibility with "gen 10" while still providing a clear framework for developers to harness unique hardware capabilities.

Should the successor to the Xbox Series X|S materialize in 2028, it would mark a lengthy generational cycle of approximately eight years, on par with the Xbox 360's impressive lifespan.

Nevertheless, it's important to exercise caution in interpreting this information since these internal conversations were never intended for public consumption. Nonetheless, the 2028 launch target aligns with prior statements made by Microsoft's legal representatives in June, suggesting a firm commitment to commencing the next generation of Xbox consoles in that year. Recent court documents also suggest that Microsoft is exploring the possibility of releasing various versions of its upcoming Xbox console or adopting a more modular design approach, reminiscent of a PC.