Xiaomi launches budget-friendly smart water heater: Mijia Electric Kettle P1

Xiaomi introduces its new Mijia Electric Kettle P1 with a digital display, attracting attention with its economical price.

Xiaomi launches budget-friendly smart water heater: Mijia Electric Kettle P1

Xiaomi has recently unveiled the Mijia Electric Kettle P1 Light Edition, marking another advancement in its range of home appliances. This new kettle blends minimalist design with functionality, resembling Xiaomi's previous electric kettle models while introducing several new features.

The Mijia Electric Kettle P1 Light Edition stands out with its four-step temperature control and a real-time digital display, enhancing the user experience. It also boasts a noise-reduction system, which keeps the noise level at a modest 47 decibels when boiling water, making it a quieter addition to the kitchen.

This kettle is designed with a 304-grade stainless steel inner tank, making it suitable for food use. The real-time digital display is a convenient feature, showing the inner temperature and allowing users to choose between different modes based on water quality. For tap water, the kettle heats the water until it boils, while for purified water, it maintains a lower temperature, thereby saving energy.

Users have the flexibility to choose from four different temperature presets – 45°C, 60°C, 70°C, and 85°C – to suit their specific needs. The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle is powered by 1800W and includes safety features like boiling turn-off and overheating protection. A notable design element is the two-stage lid-opening process, which addresses the issue of instant steam release. The kettle has a capacity of 1.5 liters, catering to a variety of household needs.

Currently, the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle P1 Light Edition is available for purchase in China on JD.com and Youpin, priced at 179 Yuan, which is approximately $25. Information about a global launch has not been released yet.