Xiaomi releases its new fruit and vegetable cleaner

With its diverse products appearing day by day, Xiaomi's latest device seems to compete even with itself.

Xiaomi releases its new fruit and vegetable cleaner

Xiaomi is gearing up to revolutionize our kitchens with the introduction of the Mijia Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Machine. This cutting-edge appliance, which is set for a crowdfunding launch in a mere four days, comes with a price tag of 449 yuan ($61).

Designed with the user's convenience in mind, the Mijia Cleaning Machine offers a flexible setup. It can be effortlessly wall-mounted or simply placed atop a countertop. A distinctive feature of this device is its dual cleaning heads. This allows for the simultaneous cleaning of both meat and vegetables, which not only speeds up the process but also prevents any potential cross-flavor contamination.

A standout feature of the machine is its variable frequency motor. This motor is responsible for generating a vigorous water flow that guarantees thorough cleaning. Impressively, it achieves a cleaning efficiency rate that touches 94.8%. Delving deeper into its cleaning prowess, the device employs chlorine dioxide and light-based water ion purification technologies. These ensure that harmful contaminants, such as bacteria, pesticides, hormones, and heavy metals, are effectively eliminated. Remarkably, all this is achieved without relying on detergents.

Xiaomi releases its new fruit and vegetable cleaner

Enhancing its efficiency further, the machine produces high-energy microbubbles with strong adsorption properties. These play a pivotal role in removing sediment from even the most challenging areas, thereby optimizing water ion diffusion and purification. Furthermore, its 34cm extra-large area electrolytic plate releases an abundance of sterilizing ions, heightening its purification capability.

The machine is not just about cleaning; it is smart too. With integrated smart connectivity, it provides multiple cleaning programs tailor-made for various food items. For instance, fresh fruits and grains take a mere 6 minutes, while hard-shell seafood requires 15 minutes. Meat and vegetables? Just 8 minutes and they are spotlessly clean. As an added bonus, the device also incorporates drying and heating functions. Its ventilation feature ensures fresh air circulation, which acts as a deterrent to bacterial growth.