Apple iPhone SE 4 to use the same battery as iPhone 14

The new Apple iPhone SE 4 is reported to use the same battery as the iPhone 14 series, potentially boosting its performance.

Apple iPhone SE 4 to use the same battery as iPhone 14

The upcoming Apple iPhone SE 4, rumored to be launched in 2024, is generating considerable buzz with its design, closely mirroring the iPhone 14. The latest reports suggest that the iPhone SE 4 will also share battery specifications with the iPhone 14, a move that signifies Apple's commitment to standardizing quality across its range.

Sources from MacRumors indicate that prototypes of the iPhone SE 4, identified by the device identifier D59, were seen using Li-Ion batteries with the model code A2863. This is notably the same battery model used in the iPhone 14, which boasts a capacity of 3,279 mAh. If Apple proceeds with this battery for the iPhone SE 4, it would mean an increase of 1,261 mAh over the battery in the iPhone SE 3, offering potentially longer battery life and enhanced performance.

Apple iPhone SE 4 to use the same battery as iPhone 14

Internal design documents for the iPhone SE 4 reportedly confirm this battery choice. However, it's important to note that these details pertain to pre-production units, and Apple's plans could still change before the final product launch.

Beyond the battery, there are other exciting rumors surrounding the iPhone SE 4. It is expected to feature an OLED display from BOE, marking the first time an iPhone SE model moves away from an LCD screen. Additionally, the new model is rumored to include an Action Button and a USB-C port, further aligning it with current smartphone trends and user preferences.

As with all rumors, especially those concerning pre-production models, it's wise to take this information with a degree of caution. Final product specifications may vary, but these early insights offer a tantalizing glimpse into the direction Apple may be taking with the next iteration of the iPhone SE.